Welcome to TimeGain Software

We are, primarily, FileMaker™ Developers and we've been doing it since 1987. We've been using FileMaker since its early days as a flat file database until now when, as Version 11, it is an absolute powerhouse with direct links to SQL databases, an API for PHP to allow for seamless database web publishing and great design tools. We've developed literally hundreds of custom solutions as well as two commercial programs, TimeGain Billing (which is currently used in 11 countries with almost $1 million in sales) and Hay & Crop Manager (which was chosen as a 'Top Ten New Product for 2008' by the World Ag Expo).

We've developed solutions for the following industries:

... just for a start but we develop for any and all industries. The truth of the matter is that the fundamental principles of all businesses are exactly the same; be efficient, control your assets and make money. Sure, there are specifics for each industry but we pick those up as we go along by listening to what our clients tell us they need.

"if we accept as being true, what is generally accepted as being true, then there is little hope for improvement!" - Orville Wright

We specialize in intuitive interfaces

No matter how good your program is, if it doesn't look good and is easy to use, then your users will fight against using it; some will even stoop to sabotage! So the first objective is to make them want to use it, and, to do that, you have to give it a WOW factor.

We also don't believe that a standard, cookie cutter, interface works for all projects. In our opinion, each project has its own unique look and feel and we spend many hours 'playing around' until we get it right. Sometimes, photographs work as buttons and navigation elements, sometimes icons and sometimes just text.

"There is absolutely nothing common about commonsense!"